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- Start Dancing with Jason

A Better Resource for Houston, TX Dance Lessons

Are you interested in learning to dance for an upcoming wedding, cruise or event? Or, are you looking to get out of the house and have fun learning how to dance? From beginning dance lessons to expert coaching at the professional level, Jason Donaldson offers the experience and great teaching style that make learning to dance fun and easy.

Learn more dance styles, more easily Jason Donaldson Dance offers an extensive variety of dance lessons and classes. Because we teach multiple styles of dance, you’re well-prepared for more situations and settings. What’s more, with our approach, it actually takes less time to learn more dances because they build on each other. That means you enjoy success sooner and get more value for your investment in lessons. We teach each dance using simple concepts that make it easier to understand and replicate, then retain what you learn.

beginner dance lessons

Beginner Dance Lessons
Special Events

Will all eyes be on you dancing at an upcoming wedding or special event? Is learning to dance something you’ve wanted to do for ages, but you never made the time or thought it was out of your reach? Our stress-free teaching methods and knowledgeable, friendly instructors will have you dancing with confidence in no time.

social dance lessons

Social Dance Lessons

Are you looking to build your dancing skills, meet new people and have fun in a friendly environment? Would you like a hobby that improves your fitness and increases your energy level? Social dancing could be exactly what you’re looking for! Feel comfortable dancing with any partner, in any social setting.

take advanced dance lessons

Advanced Dance Lessons

If you are a serious or professional dancer looking to sharpen your skills, let Jason Donaldson Dance propel you to the next level. All of our dance instructors train with national champions, judges and coaches to provide the highest caliber of intensive, effective instruction.


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